Apple Watch SE

Before the Apple Watch SE, I had no real success from Android based smartwatches. After a lot of consideration, I took the money I was saving for a new computer, and applied some of it to the new watch. I received the watch along with a new iPhone on 2020-11-06. I got the graphite version which is the best color choice in my opinion.

The watch works as I would expect from a smartwatch. It displays notifications on messages, and calls. It also tells the time (which should be expected). It shows the weather including temperature, and date. The watch is also comfortable, and easy to manage with. The watch however is not perfect.

First, the watch only works with iPhones. I knew this going in, but still something I wouldn’t find as a benefit. An ideal situation will be the watch with my former Pixel 3a XL. Another issue I have with the watch is the expense. This si the lowest tier of new watches, and it costed $280 + $30 for a sports band. This is the wifi only version as I would have found it silly and an unnecessary expense to have the cellular version.

All in all, I do not regret the decision, however still would have rather the watch to be a little more reasonable.As for paying for it, I used my credit card, then refunded my card most of the value. I also ordered an iPhone 12 Pro on the same order which arrived the same day.