Apple iPod Touch

In early September 2021, I purchased 2 iPod touch (7th generation) to replace my aging iPod touch (5th generation). The reason for this is that I listen to music most of the day when I’m home, and all night while asleep. I chosen to purchase two as the second one replaced my radio that was having static. Both iPods are 128GB, and in Space Gray coloring. Both iPods are $385 with taxes, and Apple Care+.

The main advantage is that is simply works. Setting up either iPod was as simple as transferring the settings on my iPhone, and the player setup with minimal intervention on my part. Also once set up to work with my iMac, the iPods can sync wirelessly using the wifi network. This means less plugging and unplugging to synchronize. The iPods also have a 3.5mm audio jack for the speakers which saves me money from having to buy bluetooth speakers which I would have to do if I was using my phone as a music player.

The player is not perfect. I think the price is a little high for the capacity, and overall dimensions. The screen is also a bit small which makes for typing on the iPod a rather tedious event. It would be nice if the home button would support biometric, but there is no biometric capability on the iPod. 

All in all, I do like the players, and don’t regret my decision. I just hope it will last longer than the 5th generation did. One player is in the living room, and plays music all day whereas the second one is in the bedroom which plays I Heart Radio during the night.