Apple iPod Touch

I spend most of my day listening to music. I could have used my PC to play the music through the day, but this would be a waste of electricity. I couldn’t find a media player software that has the same smart playlist as iTunes. And while I do not like the bloat of iTunes, I use it for the smart playlist feature. With that in mind, it makes sense to use an iOS device. An iPad would have been too big. An iPhone would have been too expensive, so the best option was an iPod Touch which is the only iPod Apple sells as of 2019. And while it is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), it is used exclusively as a music player with integration with iTunes. I have the 128GB model.

The device with iTunes simply works. I had some trouble with updates, but to play music, it is a functional device. I probably did overkill on the capacity of 128GB, and probably should have just purchased the 32GB model when I made the choice on buying the iPod. It doesn’t do anything else, so I can’t comment on the other qualities of the iPod.

This is not without flaws. The iPod hasn’t been updated in years. It has no fingerprint reader, so one has to always enter a PIN when using it. This gets a bit tedious, and discourages using it. For this alone is why I hadn’t installed any apps, and therefore played in the Apple ecosystem. As for my tablet and phone – both are Android devices.

The iPod Touch is good for anyone that don’t want an iPad or iPhone. Some people simply would like the small 4″ screen. With this said, Apple should consider revamping the device for the modern times. Options might include a 5.5″ screen, and a fingerprint reader. Also, a newer CPU would also make sense. I don’t see this happening though. Everything else (including the headphone jack) should remain.