iPhone 12 Pro

On 2020-11-06, I received my iPhone 12 Pro in graphite, and the 128GB option. I purchased the phone for $1,000 + taxes and warranty. This phone replaces my Pixel 3a XL as my primary phone, and is used regularly. One of the reasons of acquiring the phone was to integrate and work with my Apple Watch SE.

I liked this phone more than I expected. I has a comfortable feel in the hand, and works nicely. Because of the haphazard and consistently unreliable customer service from FreeMii, I am using Visible as my service provider. The phone has a couple of nice features such as muting unknown callers when they call my phone. This is good as I have unknown callers ring my home phone instead. And being that I have an iPod Touch, I am somewhat familiar with the interface. There are a couple of things I miss from ANdroid, but will hopefully adjust relatively quickly.

There are a couple of things I don’t like about the phone. The graphite color is more of a dark gray rather than a black that I was hoping for. This is not a deal breaker though. Another issue however is the choice of Apple continuing to use the Lightning port for their phones. You would figure at the very least, they would have moved to USB-C. Another issue is the lack of a fingerprint reader. I understand that Apple claims that the facial recognition system is more secured, but it does not work when wearing a mask, and almost all of 2020 had the Covid-19 issue which required many people (myself included) to wear a mask.

All in all, with exception of the lack of USB-C, and lack of biometric reader, I am happy with the phone. My only regret was not getting the bigger Pro Max, but this was not in my budget.