HP M281fdw

On January 21, 2020 – I received the HP M281fdw Color LaserJet Pro printer. This printer was purchased to replace my HP Envy 4501 which failed to print properly, and research on resolving the problem was to buy a new printer. I purchased the printer for $350 from Amazon, and it comes with all of the toner cartridges that is needed to do color printing.

Just like the old printer, this one will do copies, prints, and scans. However, it can also do faxes which of course, a phone line is required for the faxing capabilities. The printer has a slightly larger footprint when compared to the old printer. It is also a bit taller. The paper tray is a 250 sheet capacity. There is also a 50 sheet ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). For faxing capabilities, I am using Ooma. I did receive a test incoming fax, but at time of writing this entry (2020-01-29), I have yet to send a fax.

The printer is capable of doing color prints which is partly of why the printer is so expensive. The printer also supports HP’s ePrint services. The printer is also recognized with my Macbook Air PC. I didn’t have to do anything special. I just did a find printer, and added it. I then set the printer as the default printer. The printer can do duplex printing automatically. As for scanning, I can scan directly to email, or to USB drive.

If I was to have complaints of the printer, there would be two. The first and most significant one will be no duplex faxing, nor scanning. The second is no duplex faxing. I am sure a more expensive multi-function center can do this, but would figure at $350, it would do duplex faxing/scanning. All in all, I am so far satisfied with this machine, and will hope for it to last several years such as the old one.


On 2020-11-13, the printer is going into a continuous boot loop. This effectively killed my printer. Also, the printer is too old to get support, so I will have to buy a new printer.