Ooma Telo HD3

The Ooma Telo HD3 is the cordless phone designed to work with Ooma. While I am sure that you could technically use this with most DECT access points, the phone itself will likely be crippled and reduced to just making and receiving phone calls. The HD3 however pairs and works just as intended with the Ooma Telo Access Point, and therefore – the Ooma service.

The phone cost about $50 and one was included when I paid for the Premiere service for one year. Both handsets works together, and is centered around the home voice line leaving the fax line to the access point. The phone feels sturdy enough and made of plastic. The screen is color, and basic with a 4 point navigation tool below the screen.

The phone was needed in order to accomplish my goal with a fax line, and a voice line. Since the phone port is being taken by the fax machine, the HD3 was needed for the voice line. There was one time there was an issue with an update which a Level 2 support technician had to help address. This was the only time I had a major issue. Although there are some times where there is an inaccurate display of battery strength. This seems to be a persistent bug within the phone. However for the most part, the phone works well enough.

To learn more about my thoughts with Ooma, you can go to http://fsp.cc/ooma. If you’re interested in acquiring Ooma for your phone service, go to http://fsp.to/ooma.