Synology DS220j

The Synology DS220j is a dual bay NAS (Network Attached Storage). The drive came diskless which I installed two WD Red 4TB mechanical hard drives in the NAS. The role of this NAS is simple and that is to provide a backup solution for my computer. The NAS has an external power supply which is 65 watts. This led me to wonder why they just didn’t use USB-C. However, the NAS seems to work well enough. The NAS is $170, and the two hard drives are $100 each.

The NAS is all white with a plastic body. The hard drives are housed in the enclosure which means I have to turn off the NAS, and go inside the enclosure to change or upgrade drives. I would have prefered to have hot swap trays, and could have gotten a model with that ability if I had an extra few hundred dollars. The NAS has an LED light for power, status, LAN, and hard drives. When there is activity, the LAN and hard drive lights will blink. I am guessing that the hard drive light will turn orange or red if there was a problem. Considering these are new drives, that shouldn’t happen for a while.

The OS is a slim down version of Linux which has been customized to support the running of a NAS. Since the NAS is exclusively used for backup, I didn’t install any unnecessary apps. The CPU is a Realtek 1.4Ghz quad core CPU, and the memory is only 512MB which means that the BTRFS file system will not be supported. This essentially means that this NAS is really only good for backups.

All in all, I like this NAS. Yes, it is limited – but so is the role it has. My computer’s drive is sufficient in size to hold all of my peronal files. Therefore, I didn’t need it for storing the larger files such as music or photos. The role again is for backup, and nothing else. For the cost of $400, it meets my needs as best as I could get. I would have rather have a better model, and more storage – but this is fine for the time being.