I bought the TCL Roku 32″ TV and an antenna for about $200. The TV was intended to replace the need to use the PC to watch TV shows, and movies. It is also used to watch the local and national news in the evening. Also, when I am bored – I will sometimes watch television. The TV as mentioned is a 32″ display running at 1080p resolution. The TV also has Roku built in, and a basic Roku remote control.

The TV (considering the price) is a good television. It offers a lot of features and one may have a hard time getting bored with it especially, if they pay for the optional features such as Hulu, and Netflix. In my case, I use Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

This TV is not perfect. It uses Wifi-N to connect to the Internet. I personally would have preferred a hard wire connection, or at least such an option. The Wifi connection takes a few minutes at least, and sometimes had to wait as long as 10 minutes. The remote is also very basic. It only has arrow keys to navigate which means I have to flip through channels if I wanted to go to another station.

Obviously not much of an issue being only 32″, it would have been nice to have a 2K display. Also, the legs on the TV to keep it up is not the fanciest. It works, but not an attractive feature. Also, when scanning for channels, it sometimes treats an OTA channel as a cable channel even though there is no cable.

Considering the price, I would buy this TV again. However, if I had more money, I might look into another TV. This is not to say that the TCL 32″ Roku TV is not bad, but just not the best.